18 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. I was tempted to sit outside despite coldish temps but the ‘chair language’ suggested otherwise. I was impressed they were outside at all, as if just waiting for the slightest warm-up to lean back and invite some company…

        1. Yeehaw. (Much as I love the winter… yeehaw for Spring! And chairs with all four feet on the ground.)

  1. Lovely, Carin. That white tabletop really draws the eye. And black and white brings out the textural detail in the wrought iron, the cobbles in the street, the brick in the buildings behind. The position of the chair lends that hint of hmm: is the patio closed, or just waiting for someone to come along, tip it back, and order a cappuccino or glass of wine.

    1. Allyson, you got it. That was the hmmmm factor exactly. So many possibilities for those chairs to be in that position. My favourite is that two quarrelling lovers made a dramatic and tidy exit. (:

  2. Funny how the chairs seem like characters here. So animated in a way. They are like the yellow shovel in Allyson’s shot. The make the image come alive.

    1. Yes, and I think the whole thing would be different if the chairs were standing upright, normally. Odd that.

  3. Is it in Ontario? Somehow I thought it was in England, though now I look more carefully I see bedraggled bits of snow that seem more Canadian than English at this time of year. Very atmospheric photo!

    1. Yes, it’s Toronto, the Distillery District a couple of weeks ago. Black and white seems to lend itself more to ‘imagination’, doesn’t it… makes things look more exotic than the Kodachrome verison of where we live. (:

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