Please tell me what it’s like to be Black in a White society.

What it’s like to be Indigenous in a Settler society.

Muslim in a fear-based society.

Jewish in the face of anti-semitism.

To be born in this country but be seen as Other because your heritage shows.

Tell me what it’s like to be female in a patriarchal society.

And male in a patriarchal society.

Tell me how it is to be LGBTQ in a homophobic society.

Or disabled by a society where little is made to fit your needs and everyone thinks you’re disabled.

Tell me what it is to be an immigrant today, a refugee, a migrant worker feeding those who can never get enough and waste half of what they have when you yourself have almost nothing.

Tell me what it’s like to be homeless, to live with domestic violence, to live in poverty, to be persecuted for your religion, harassed because of your size or appearance or age or inability to read or speak a language.

Please don’t yell it at me because I want to be able to hear you. And please don’t blame me for not knowing it all.

Just tell me. (or write it or sing it or paint it)

How it is to be you.

And I will listen.

I will just shut the fuck right up, and listen.


5 thoughts on “otherness

  1. My thoughts exactly. That’s why the majority of people feel the unbearable weight and the relentless destruction humanity is facing now. Ruthless, white, male, and wealthy with connections = the power structure that seems to rule us all. No compassion; it is completely missing in this greed-driven society of humans.


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