what i saw

A young Bob Dylan, carrying a backpack and wearing winter boots on a summer day in October. A girl in a Halloween costume though I don’t know what she was supposed to be. A girl with purple hair, but that’s nothing. I saw a guy in a yellow X’d, orange city-worker jacket driving a brand new silver Cougar convertible. … Continue reading what i saw

things i saw

A little girl, maybe three years old in a puffy red paisley coat and checkered pants—fuchsia and green and purple—yellow boots and a pink floppy hat, rosy-cheeked and chattering, skipping alongside what might have been her grandmother, and I think how this beautiful ensemble, like kid art, can only be created before the opinions of … Continue reading things i saw

things i saw

A man under a blue umbrella, walking in the not-quite-sunshine of early morning. A woman, blonde, crossing the road with a cane. Another woman, dark haired, staring at the device in her hand while behind her walks, skips, occasionally hops, a boy too blessedly young for a device, picking what appear to be invisible plums from the air. An … Continue reading things i saw

things i saw this weekend

—woman in bright yellow sari, shopping bag in one hand, canadian flag in the other; teenaged boy draped in giant rainbow flag —hydrangea bush so full of blooms i cut a basketful for my neighbour, who dries them and uses them as xmas tree decorations —first tomatoes —broken zipper in Laurentien-pencil-crayon-peacock-blue cashmere cardigan sky —just green ~