can and cannot

11 Things I’d Like to Do that I Didn’t Know were Important Until the Other Day When I Tripped Over a Curb and Royally Screwed up my Knee and Now Can’t Do Because, Apparently, Unless I Stay off it as Much as Possible it’ll Never Heal…

— pick apples
— weed the garden
— make zucchini soup
— make apple crumble from freshly picked apples
— iron
— walk on beach
— walk in ravine
— walk through art gallery
— walk to library
— ride my bike to store for a fresh baguette
— sit on above-mentioned beach—with a thermos of zucchini soup, hunk of buttered bread, piece of apple crumble, watch gulls and geese and sometimes swans—in the half lotus position

11 Things I Can Do

— read
— write
— hobble about
— stretch and breathe and make pots of tea
— write some more
— revise
— hear my cats purr, watch their smiling sleeping faces while I read and write and drink tea
— downward dog (although I probably shouldn’t)
— eat ribs and cherry tomato salad
— finish ms
— be grateful for working knees (and other equally valuable parts)

Notice pointing finger -- as if swollen-to-twice-its-size leg might be missed otherwise...

8 thoughts on “can and cannot

  1. I think the good vibes helped. Thanks! (And yes, it doesn’t bear thinking about if this were my hand instead… feeling very grateful for small mercies!)

    1. Thanks, Brenda. It’s starting to look better. Crazy how one little slip can do all that. And over a very normal looking curb. So much better had I been able to say I was doing parkour at the time…!

  2. Yikes! That is quite an injury for an innocuous trip over a curb. Take care and hope it heals up soon so that you’re able to get back to doing what you want to do!

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