My Work


Quality Goods”Toronto Star

“Guide to Better Cooking”—GEIST

“Why She StaysThe Manifest Station

“i am somewhere”—The Sketchbook Project

Bride of God” GEIST

“Girl in Red Running Shoes”—The New Quarterly

Nine–Eleven”  THIS Magazine

“Bliss” — Room

Love, Haight”— Lies with Occasional Truth

Yellow Shoes”—Leaf Press

“(101 Words of) Truth (without the u)”—The New Quarterly

Spit Wet Fingers and a Kiss” GEIST

“Treehouse”FreeFall Magazine

“A Guy and an Elk”—Grimm

“Olix and Su”—Kiss Machine, The Quiet Feather

“Conversation”—Frogmore Papers

“Let them eat Cake”—Toronto Star

“Rejectamenta”—Toronto Star

Eden Mills, Fringe Stage, 2008

Cooked and Eaten Series, Peterborough

Winner, GritLit, 2005

Winner, Commonwealth Short Story Prize (Canada and Caribbean), 2005





2 thoughts on “My Work

  1. Hi Carin, I just came across your blog this morning and read your short story Quality Goods ( two years late, I know). What an amazing, beautifully written story. It stirred so many emotions in me. I live Toronto (mostly housebound due to chronic illness) but writing seems to be what soothes and saves me. So does reading! I’ll be following your blog and look forward to reading more. Many thanks. Warm regards, Rose

    1. How kind, thank you so much, Rose. I’m thrilled to ‘meet’ you and so happy to know you’re out there. Also, how beautifully put, that reading and writing “soothes and saves you”. Lucky are those who know the tonic powers of words. All the very best to you. I look forward to chatting again…

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