About Matilda

Also known as Carin Makuz.

Writer of sentences.
Sometimes longer things too.
Reader, gardener, and small time anti-litter warrior.

I like growing food—as well as stalking the wild versions (of which asparagus is naturally a goal).

I am no longer afraid of the colour yellow, can count to ten in several languages (if three is several) and can often be found walking the shores of Lake Ontario muttering about darlings that won’t take a hint.
—Matilda Magtree is a place for random (and other) thoughts so I’ll know where to find them later.

Also possibly relevant (if not, please disregard):

1.   My backyard is home to several giant ant hills (by which I mean three or four), none of which I intend to do anything about. One of them has been there almost twenty years. We call it the Ant Hotel. There used to be a sign on it but it disintegrated. Time for a new sign. Very reasonable rates and efficient, speedy room service (albeit small portions) are its hallmarks.

2.   I used to toy with the idea of trying to like coffee but I’m over it.

3.   I like tea. Only tea. Visitors be warned: you will find no roasted beans in this house, other than the occasional fragrant and curried garbanzo.

4.   Corn makes my stomach ache. Annoying because I like polenta and Mexican food and Fritos, not to mention buttery cobs on summer days, which when I was a kid I used to eat like a typewriter. (Link provided for those who just said a what??)

5.   I prefer my fridge on the empty side. Allows for more creativity that way. How else do you think the great Limp Radish and Green Cheddar Soufflés of the world were invented??

6. My heroes tend to be animals, children and very old people.



7 thoughts on “About Matilda

  1. Hello I read your piece in the Toronto Star short Story contest 2015 and wanted to say how much your story touched my heart. There are many children in this world who feel like that, you put it into words perfectly.. Congratulations and Well done. Grace

    1. Thank you so much, Grace. That’s the very best ‘prize’ of all really, knowing that the words resonate with someone. You’ve made my day. (:

      All the best to you!

  2. Just recently came across your work and want to say how much I love your writing. Such beautifully drawn characters, great insight, and I LOVE your sense of humour.

  3. Your blogs are my go-to reading for feel-good, amazed, and inspired words of wisdom. Thank you for sharing your many talents. Diana, Ajax.

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