you rang?

A new cat has moved into the neighbourhood. No idea where it lives, but it does sport a responsible birds-beware bell which Jake can hear from two storeys up, across the street and 50 metres away, and while in the midst of a snoring-deep, tummy-pointed-to-the-ceiling, chirping-in-his-dreams kind of nap.

Before I even hear what amounts to a faint and distant tinkle—and I’m sitting right beside the window—he’s leapt into serious Not that bloody cat again! mode, shot past me and has his nose pressed up against the screen, sending out Stay off my driveway if you know what’s good for you, bucko vibes.

Or maybe he’s just admiring the bling?


5 thoughts on “you rang?

  1. He doesn’t actually go outside so the birds around here are pretty relaxed. Well, ‘were’… until bell cat showed up. Keeping him (and our girl cat also) inside was a big decision, but given the many streets and cars and neighbours who don’t love cats in their gardens, we felt the better choice was to adopt the indoor lifestyle.

    It never bothers me in winter, but come spring, I always feel a little sorry for them. They, of course, don’t know any different, so hunting birds from the window ledge may be almost as exciting as the real thing. (Which is how Jake fell through the window one day — leaping at a young blue jay that was learning to fly and kept hitting the screen. Jake hit back until POP, he was on the roof looking back at me with this heartbreakingly sweet WTF?? expression on his wee furry face.)

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