8 thoughts on “the colour of winter: aka a red litter day

  1. Litter fascinates me. The psychology of dropping something on the street or out a car window, or most puzzling of all: in the middle of some pristine bit of nature. So bizarre.

    If we ever manage to accommodate life on other planets, I hope one will be reserved for litterers so they can live sans garbage cans among heaps of their beloved debris! :]

  2. It’s the most frustrating part of living on PEI. Every year we have an Island-wide roadside clean-up. It’s amazing the crap we find, although we also find a lot of bottles and actually make a few bucks off them every year.

    1. In spring, Peter and I get giant bags and tackle an area on our own. A section of the park or ravine or some other ‘long grass’ place the Town won’t get to. I call and let them know what we’re doing and they’re happy enough to pick up the bags at a designated spot. Best thing we’ve ever found was $10. Twice. One year when we were both out there, we found two fives. The following year, I went on my own to the same area and found a ten. I guess that’s the going rate…!

  3. Wow. That’s a lot of red litter. I can relate to your fascination with it.

    The other day when we were out for a walk I caught a strong whiff of orange. It was so out of place. I was puzzled. Then a ways down the path we came across an orange drink bottle.

  4. Last summer I started litter from the beach near our cabin in New Brunswick and sorting it by colour – not realizing you were working on the same project! Only I was saving the actual stuff and planning on a gigantic colour coded rainbow installation of all that I found over the summer. I still think it was a good concept but it piled up and we don’t have a lot of space at the cabin so I gave up. Photography was a much better idea.

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