7 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. I love all the mysteries of this one – the way it’s glimpsed through a porthole (is it a porthole?), the question of whether it’s really black and white or the colour of a grey day, the story of the lone figure in the boat…

    1. Yes, it’s a porthole, Elizabeth. Well, a window in a building but designed as a porthole. It’s actually on the way to the ladies in one of my favourite restaurants, Treadwell’s, in Port Dalhousie. I love that it inspires questions.

  2. Intriguing! I’m thinking the view may be from a boathouse window? I like the “old” — and melancholy — feel the black and white gives this shot (which may not be old at all). Photos seldom make me think of the person behind the camera, but in this shot it feels like there’s a viewer — who is not the same as the photographer — and that there’s a story about the watching … and about who’s alone out in the boat.

    1. Good guess. Boathouse. But no. It’s actually in a hallway of a restaurant in Port Dalhousie. You might even know it. Treadwell’s? One of my faves in the Niagara area. They’re moving in June to Queen Street in NOTL, and while the food may remain excellent, I’ll miss the watery atmosphere. [sniff] Just heard the news the other day so was feeling nostalgic. Plus, it’s a full moon tonight. This is my tribute!

  3. Love the perspective on this shot, Carin. Imaginative capture through the porthole could easily be in the present looking back across time to the people fishing in the boat. B&W really underscores that sense of a moment frozen in time. Nicely framed.

    1. Thank you. It was a “moment in time” kind of moment. That boat was moving. I just happened to be there when it was in the ‘frame’. Funny how these things work and what they reveal after the fact. I always enjoy your perspective on things…

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