(time for) a stone story

True story.

I’m walking at the beach, looking mostly for beach glass but open to bits of weathered, washed-up crockery and good looking stones. I find an unusual stone, long and slender like a giant’s finger, you don’t see stones like this often… ever. I have never seen one like it on this beach. So I pick it up, carry it a while. It’s a good shape for holding as you walk. Then in the distance I notice stones on a picnic table. I walk over. Twelve stones arranged like a clock face. There’s even a stone in the middle. But no hands. And there I am with with a long slender stone. Very clock-handish in fact. I place it on the clock face and continue walking and on my way back I find another long slender stone. The odds for this are close to nil. I’ve been walking on this beach for three hundred years and have never seen stones this shape much less two, much less on the same day I find a clock face in need of hands.

6 thoughts on “(time for) a stone story

  1. I love it. And here’s another stone story. I wrote a novella, Winter Wren, in which an artist paints the view from her 9-paned window looking out on the Gulf of Juan de Fuca. A remote beach. She paints a different view in each pane, some near, some far. For my 60th birthday, my daughter took 9 different photograph of the beach and framed them. Waves, sunset, long view, near, a creek entering the surf. And she found a message someone else had written with stones on a log: I love you — the love simply a perfect heart-shaped stone. So that became one of the panes.

    1. What a beautiful story, Theresa. So powerful, all of it. Not the least of which what it means to actually ‘see’, to recognize, a different view from each pane. And oh my god, the perfect heart shaped stone message makes it, just… well, the universe speaks to us doesn’t it. Oh that everyone could hear it…

      A thousand thanks for sharing this.

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