so why doesn’t it doesn’t work for me?

I’m convinced cats have powers of the Samantha Stevens kind.  How else to explain things that just ‘happen’ as a result of little more than a glance…

Judge for yourself:

Example A—

Cat sits on table. 

 Stares at bowl on floor.

A slight nose twitch.

Bowl ends up on table.


Example B—
Cat stares at hand on other side of room.

Hand appears exacty where it’s meant to.


Example C

Cat stares at door until door opens.
… and we all know it will.

changing thoughts

I don’t know why Rona Maynard’s post on pilates and writing should make me think of something I read the other day about Marina Abramovic—the performance artist who recently closed what sounded like a most bizarre and amazing show in NYC, and is known for her ‘experiments’ in art through human nature—but it did. It reminded me of how she said: “We don’t change when we do things we like…”

I love that. I love the idea of how change works and how inherently resistant we are to it and how maybe that’s why it’s so difficult to do what’s good for us. Because change will follow, growth of the right kind. And maybe—what?—we’re a little nervous about the right kind? Maybe we prefer the kind that insulates us and keeps us where we are—gormlessly and endlessly questioning the whole why of exactly that.

Just wondering.

one way to avoid an existential crisis

celine dion/cheese spread–see the connection?

My love of cheese occasionally takes me to odd (albeit merry) places; witness this piece I discovered about the word, or concept of, “cheesiness“, as in Las Vegas Elvis, Celine Dion and tropical themed weddings in the Poconos—far too long to read in any one sitting, but so weird it’s brilliant and I find myself returning now and then to nibble off yet another, and another, mad bit.

From Sailing the Seas of Cheese, by Erik Anderson:

“On the one hand, there is no food product cheesier than Cheese Whiz. On the other hand, there is nothing about Cheese Whiz itself that is cheesy in the aesthetic sense. Of course it might be strikingly cheesy to serve Cheese Whiz at a cocktail party or something like that, in which case, Cheese Whiz would be cheesy in both senses of the term.” 

I just may have that Artexed on my best cocktail party tray.