let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

I’m happily ensconced with my new purchases…

To complement each year’s subscriptions (which change annually) I find myself occasionally at the local Chapters perusing their sometimes good, sometimes poor, selection of magazines and journals. (For the record: the only things I buy there are magazines and journals; I buy my candles and sofa throws elsewhere…) Anyway, on a recent visit I was actually somewhat (pleasantly) surprised with the selection. I hope this bodes well, as in maybe more people are discovering the myriad joys within these little treasures??

So here’s what I chose and why:

Arc, because, as Anita Lahey states in the Editor’s Note: “…this is the most colourful, visually rich issue ever to have been produced in the lifetime of this modest, non-profit magazine.”

And because, among many other lovely things, there’s a Conversation with Anne Simpson, who marries poetry and art so very beautifully.

CNQ, which I didn’t even notice was the Spring/Summer issue but who cares because, more importantly—it’s the Short Story Issue. I’m especially looking forward to a piece by Douglas Glover, whose writing I so enjoy, on Alice Munro.

And Granta, whose theme is ‘Pakistan’, and because of this:

Life and Time

We grow up
but do not comprehend life.
We think life is just the passing of time.
The fact is,
life is one thing,
and time something else.
—Hasina Gul

Seems only right in the face of all this anticipated pleasure to say thank you to those who not only publish these works of art in a climate that isn’t exactly welcoming, but do so with heart and passion. 

It shows.