all vines are not created equal

No need for panic but you probably should know—

Dog Strangling Vine wants to rule the world.

We mustn’t let it.

There are very few good reasons for using pesticides. This is one. Maybe the only one.

This very badly behaved stuff climbs up trees and bushes and chokes them. Given enough (surprisingly little) time it covers entire ravines. 

Creates fields of itself, wiping out other smaller species (Queen Anne’s Lace, Goldenrod, Asters, Daisies, Buttercups). Not to mention getting in the way of a good walk. Especially if you’re a dog. Hence the name. Worse, it has no enemies; it’s an import that befuddles our native species, though bioligists are considering importing a beetle that might eat it. Hmmm, sounds tricky. (Just noticed the litter in bottom right; didn’t even see that on my walk, so distracted was I by the invasion…)

About this time of year the green pods are turning brown and dry, inside which are milkweed-like fluffs with seeds attached; hard to tell them from the milkweed ‘santa clauses’ when they’re flying about. The bounders.

Thing is you can’t pull this plant out. The roots are deep and can only be killed by a spritz of poison on its leaves. If you see it in your garden, you’d be wise to spritz with merry abandon. Or dig it out. Best done in spring when the things are small, but still, better late than never.

Fore-warned and all that…