time sucks?

Lots of complaints these days among writers about the major ‘time sucks’ that technology presents—all that tweeting and surfing and site maintenance in the name of self promotion, when what’s most important—attention to craft—is being left by the wayside.

It all sounds like a new name for an old problem.  Used to be called looking out a window.

True, there are more windows now but I’m guessing those who find discipline hard because of modern ‘time sucks’ would have also been suckers for a nice view. Or a brick wall.

That said, what’s wrong with a little distraction? A walk, a sandwich, writing a post, sending an email, spinning a hula hoop—it’s all a happy and necessary change for the brain. Discipline, I think, is not only about work, but the balance of work and other stuff. The trick is keeping it balanced. And choosing the other stuff well.

Essentially, what it comes down to is that the only thing about time that sucks is the part that’s wasted.

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