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At last. Some excellent coverage of the Paralymic Games over at The Boston Globe. Amazing photos—exciting, gorgeous, inspirational—as coverage of this, or any, major sporting event should be. (And the quality is great—full screen pics with cut lines; the following copies don’t do them justice.)



God forbid we should have any coverage (to speak of) in Canada.

As I may have mentioned… CTV is useless. The “highlights” I’ve been able to see are tiny, annoying snippets, showing virtually nothing (the skiing coverage, for instance, didn’t even feature one complete run); and there’s little, if any, commentary about the events themselves, the training, the equipment, the athletes—their stories, determination, the extreme athleticism (the way they do in the ‘other’ Olympics, sometimes—you’ll forgive me—ad nauseum). Furthermore, good luck figuring out when the “highlights” will be on.

As for the major dailies in Toronto (not sure about the rest of the country) none featured the Opening Ceremonies on their Saturday front pages (choosing instead to focus on K’Naan, Savard and Bre-X). And, but for today’s Globe and Mail, the coverage throughout has been embarrassingly scant, often taking second and third place to other, everyday sports news. (Tell me again, these are OLYMPIC GAMES… and they’re in in THIS country, right??)

Clearly, they do NOT have The Big Picture. And we wonder why newspapers are dying… It makes a person want to fan the flames.

To the brains at The Boston Globethank you so very much for taking note of a major event that for some reason much of our own media has all but entirely missed.

Thanks too, to Matt Galloway, whose comments on CBC’s Metro Morning today, brought this site to my attention.

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