current status

Currently in mourning that a local bookstore, in a beautiful location, is now closed. What is wrong with people? Why are they not shopping at beautiful local bookstores??

Still sad at the memory of cows passed on the 401 being transported in the dark of night. 

Amazed at how the sky does this.

Currently reading Open by Lisa Moore. Listening to Tinariwen. Eating radishes and butter. Radishes and bread. Radishes and salt and butter and bread. Radishes and salad. Radishes on salad, radish salad. Baby radishes sauteed with greens still attached. Radishes and cheese and olives. Radishes and radishes. No spam.

4 thoughts on “current status

    1. Mackerel Sky — Lovely. I want to name something that.

      (p.s. Thanks for the ‘cheeky’ warning!)

  1. Hi,
    I have heard that radish is capable of rebuilding the liver – the body’s most over worked organ. So, nothing wrong with eating radishes, the more the merrier. Ignore that other comment about stop over eating radishes. Nature has supplied all the ingredients for a healthy life, we just need to eat vegetables, not meat or KFC or Mc DOnalds or other.

    1. This is good news! A slightly rosy cast to the cheeks is a small price to pay for a happy liver.
      Thank you.

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