i know the face…

Pretty sure this is neither trout nor toad lily—lovely, innocuous thing, tucked away behind the clematis, not demanding attention, just there. For some reason, each year I’m surprised to see it… it’s like I keep expecting it to give up in a huff one of these days, offended that I’ve forgotten its name.

Mystery Plant


Thanks to Cheryl Andrews and Associates (never under-estimate the power of associates!) it might be that we’ve put a name to the face. Looks pretty much the same beast to me, no? The difference in tonal quality being more of a lighting thing.

Blackberry Lily

Thank you, Ms. A!


4 thoughts on “i know the face…

  1. Posted this photo on FB … my sisters are BIG TIME gardeners. Perhaps they can come up with the name of your mystery plant.


  2. Another guess on your mystery plant. My niece’s husband’s family runs a nursery in London, ON. Marc says its either “Belamcanda chinensis or Blackberry Lily”


    1. Cheryl — Thank you for taking this into the big wide world and coming up with what seem like some pretty good guesses. I think the Blackberry Lily, especially, is a contender. I’m posting a google pic I found of it — a definite relative, I’d say, of my unnamed orphan.

      A bucket of thanks also to your horticultural posse!

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