5 thoughts on “co-op gardening

  1. We have a few rabbits in our woods. Didn’t see very many this summer. Thelma has had to save more than one wee bunny from the jaws of one of our cats (Laine is the usual culprit). If you walk vewy vewy quietly they will let you get close. Not too close though.

  2. For some reason I can’t picture you walking vewy vewy quietly… Laine, yes. (I don’t suppose you know how many bunny suppers she’s had?)

    We met someone in Mont Tremblant last year who said he ‘hunted’ his backyard rabbits and made scrumptious meals. (He seemed a perfectly normal person otherwise.) I’m not a veggie, but geezuz, when I hear stuff like that I just want to sit in a corner and eat tomato sandwiches forever.

  3. Whenever I see a rabbit in our lane I always stop and watch it, then take careful steps toward it to see how close I can get. If I feel I’m getting too close I move suddenly to startle it and hopefully teach it not to trust anyone.

    I lived in England when I was 17 (1973) and my sister’s husband once hit a rabbit (or was it a hare?) with his car. He brought the carcass home and made a stew out of it. I have to say I watched him “prepare” the rabbit (a bit gruesome) but ate it all the same.

    One time when Thelma saved a bunny, she brought it back to where she believed it had originally come from. She later found its body back near our house and Laine triumphantly nearby. Laine gets very upset when we save her prey and this time she very spitefully showed us that she will always be triumphant.

    As much as I love sweet bunnies and wouldn’t want to harm them, I do recognize that Laine part of myself as well. How we reconcile these two aspects of ourselves (if we ever do) is the ongoing conundrum.

    1. Those have got to be some of the best (as in worst) rabbit stories… Your brother-in-law made a stew after hitting one? Amazing. But then, why not?? Somehow this makes perfect sense in England…

      And yes, I think we’d all being doing nature a favour by teaching it to fear us. Unfortunately it really has no idea how low on the evolutionary ladder we really are in most respects.

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