peter’s peppers

Peter’s freshly picked but as yet unpickled peppers: Italian Roaster, Belgian Carrot, Banana and Jalapeno (every one of them grown and babied from seed then planted outside the day before the heat and humidity struck in June; who knew there was an early heat wave scheduled? (The Farmers’ Almanac that’s who, probably.) Anyway, plenty of innocent and tender seedlings perished—fast and painless for the most part—but these guys made it, making them, hopefully, bearers of super hardy seed for next year)

So… with the addition of vinegar and a few magic ingredients, presto

Peter's Proverbial Pickled Peppers

6 thoughts on “peter’s peppers

    1. I love delicatessens. I worked in one for a couple of years during high school and went home every night covered in bandaids (a little klutzy with the knife) and a bag of cake and fresh buns. Happily, I’ve got two or three local favourites these days for all my coldcuts and cheese. Packaged food? Nevah!

      To have a dad who owned one was my dream.

  1. I have to say I was the envy of some of my schoolmates. My father worked long hours, but on the plus side I always knew where to find him. If my teacher needed to speak to him about my school work my dad would always tell me to bring him over for lunch where the teacher would get a free smoked meat sandwich. I think my teacher didn’t mind if I slacked off sometimes. Anything for a free lunch. In the summer my father’s deli was on the way to the local swimming pool so after an afternoon of swimming my friend’s and I would stop off for French fries. No wonder my father never made any money from the place.

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