today’s colour

I wasn’t going to do another colour so soon but it’s the last day of summer and wandering about the garden just now, in that beautiful early evening light—the yellows just stood up and shouted to be noticed. Everything seems suddenly golden in a way that’s not yet Fall but also like nothing you ever get in July or August (when ‘yellow’ can sometimes be too ‘hot’ to like much).

Wisteria leaves, just beginning to turn.
Black-Eyed Susans all over the place!
Last of the zucchini…
Someone’s been having hosta for dinner…
Goldenrod, starting to fade
Bye summer…

5 thoughts on “today’s colour

  1. Wondering if you ever read “The Primary Colors” and/or its sequel “The Secondary Colors”, both by Alexander Theroux (Paul’s brother i think). Both books are essays on all the colors, quite whimsical and fascinating. I’m pretty sure you would enjoy them.

    1. No, I haven’t. And I just did a quick library search and can’t even find Alexander Theroux. Anyway, it sounds great. I’ll look forward to hunting it down in second hand shop rambles…

  2. I see have “The Secondary Colors” on one of my shelves (I thought I had the other one too; it might be around somewhere). Anyway, I’d be happy to lend it to you. I know it would be safe. I have your address.

    1. Wow, how generous! And brave. But to be honest, I’m always reluctant to borrow books, especially precious not-a-lot-of-copies-around varieties. I worry I’ll get peanut butter on them or something. Or what if the post office loses it?? I’m going to do the second hand store search first (I have a great bookseller who may be able to find me a copy — he’s the one who tracked down My Broken Hero). If all else fails, I may take you up on the offer — or maybe I should read it when I come visit! Either way, thank you!

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