yes yes yes, we should!

In case I’m not being clear—to the oh-so-excellent question posed: Should We Learn to Love Weeds?—I say yes! We should learn which are the good ones and make salad and soup and tea and allow them a few sacred spots in our gardens and yards and welcome the variety of insects their variety will attract, which, if all goes as it’s meant to means most of those insects will eat each other, saving us the trouble and expense of spritzing nonsense all over the place and poisoning the very air we hope wafts in through our windows on a pleasant day.

There are some dastardly ones too of course, but no need to tar them all with the same brush or to miss a good meal…

Makes me think of the story someone told me about seeing a homeless man downtown with a Feed Me, I’m Hungry sign. The irony was that he was leaning against a cement planter that was full of dandelions, purslane and lambs quarters—the stuff of pricey gourmet greens.

Self Seeded Nettles Soon to be Soup


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