happy new year from the tropics

—Otherwise known as southern Ontario where, yesterday, I raked leaves, chatted with my niece in the States while sitting on our patio, and wasn’t a bit cold in the backyard in my pjs at midnight listening to neighbourhood fireworks.

Today it’s foggy, tropical temps falling and snowshoes tapping their merry little aluminium toes in the hall. Though no sign of flakes.

Piles of books and magazines and a pot of green tea make the waiting more than bearable.


4 thoughts on “happy new year from the tropics

  1. Tom Petty says the waiting is the hardest part, but you seem to have found a way around that. I heard that it was balmy enough to go for a nice polar swim. I don’t suppose you indulged. Me neither, although Laine went for a little swim a few days ago. Cats are usually much more adventurous than us.

    1. Good for Laine! (I actually considered it for one mad moment… then I settled down to a plate of bacon and eggs and the paper instead.)

    1. No, definitely not. We should all be complaining of sore backs from shovelling by now. Or at least be wearing gloves. It’s unusually warm this year. And with very little snow. The lows are only -10 or so, and then it might get up to -1 or even +2 during the day. More like what we’d expect in November. Very odd indeed.

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