6 thoughts on “the colour of winter

  1. Some really nice photo work, Carin. You should think about putting together a book of photo essays with some kind of accompanying text. You must have quite a few photographs, I’ll bet there’s enough for a book. (I’m not kidding here).

  2. Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind… I really will. It’s angles though. It may take a while to see the connectedness in things. If there’s even any. (This reminds me of that conversation in C.Town!)

  3. In Ch/Town I think we were talking about a book of pictures and stories about certain geographical borders.

    The thing about photographs is the connectedness is there, but not necessarily where you think it is. In a way you have to let the connections find you, rather than the other way around.

    1. You’re right. It’s a kind of alchemy. You take the shots that appeal to you, not looking for anything specific, a collection of what appear to be fragments until ‘the whole’ begins to surface.

      It’s like that with art generally though, isn’t it? Certainly with writing.

      Thanks again, Steve. I really appreciate the encouragement. I’ll keep ‘snapping’…!

      BTW, I removed the ‘possible’ title of the book we talked about [from your comment]. Too good to share. Plus, one mustn’t discount superstition…

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