say no to slibber sauces

“It is a world to see how commonly we are blinded with the collusions of women, and more enticed by the ornaments being artificial than their proportion being natural. I loathe almost to think on their ointments and apothecary drugs, the sleeking of their faces, and all their slibber sauces, which bring queasiness to the stomach and disquiet to the mind. Take from them their periwigs, their paintings, their jewels, their rolls, their boulstrings, and though shalt soon perceive that a woman is the least part of herself.” (‘Collusions of Women’, from Euphues, by John Lyly, 1578)

(From A Book of Pleasures, an anthology of words and pictures, compiled by John Hadfield, Vista Books, London, 1960)

A Lady at Her Toilette: Water-Colour by J.M.W. Turner, 1830

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