things i saw

An older couple in a green van eats lunch and throws bits of things to seagulls at the lake. When the guy notices me watching, he smiles, starts showing off, tries tossing the bits so that the birds will catch them mid-flight. When they do, he looks at me, beams like he’s just performed a circus act, like maybe I should applaud. Take a picture of that, lady…

A young lad, fifteen maybe, sits on the edge of a bench at the library, earbuds in place, arms resting like dumbells on thighs, body hunched forward as he texts madly, seemingly unaware that his bright blue plastic library card is in his mouth…

A full grown deer dead at the side of the road. Police and animal control people hover. I don’t stop, don’t want to intrude, appear nosy. How stupid. Because I’d like to know what happened, pay my respects. It’s a stretch of road where speed couldn’t have been an issue. But what else? Who would intentionally hurt a deer? I keep seeing that beautiful face, the lolling tongue.

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