things i saw

A lone deer at the edge of a field about 100 metres from the highway. A group of men watched from the side of the road. They didn’t look like nature lovers.

A teenaged girl sitting alone on a playground swing, smoking. Something about her made me think she’d secretly welcome someone saying hello, but I wasn’t sure, didn’t want her to think I thought she looked sad and lonely. So I said nothing. That she stays with me makes me wonder if I erred on the wrong side of cautious…

Four silver pails hanging on the trunk of a front yard maple. (I want a front yard maple!)

Some yutz in a silver car with tinted windows who pulled out of his driveway in front of me without looking. I could smell rubber from how hard I braked and swerved in order to miss him. Some choice words tossed about on my part, though his windows were safely rolled up.

First robin of Spring!

2 thoughts on “things i saw

    1. We have robins year-round now. That never used to be the case and it was always such a big deal to see that first one. Still is, but I also saw thirty foraging on juniper berries outside my window in January!

      As lovely a sight as it is, it makes you wonder…

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