7 thoughts on “thirty truths: 18

  1. For me, Kate Atkinson was the gateway drug. I also really loved Gaudy Night by Dorothy L Sayers. And recently, PD James On Detective Fiction (and PD James in general).

    1. I read a bio of DLS last year — ‘Such a Strange Lady’; hmmm, maybe sub-conciously working up to her books…

      I’ll look into them all. Many thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Meg Gardiner is good. Carol O’Connell-her characters are fantastic, though the books are pretty dark.I also like Lisa Miscione/Unger. Dennis Lehane’s Patrick and Kenzie series. (The movie Gone Baby Gone came from this series-the book was better.)

    I need to think on this. When I need a break from heavier lit, I grab a mystery…I’ll get back to you.

  3. I usually stick to so-called literary novels. Last year a friend convinced me to try the Dresden series by Jim Butcher. Not mysteries exactly. Magic and vampires and whatnot. I loved them.

    1. Vampires? Magic? Whatnot??? Egad. Sounds like way more than I bargained for! :)
      But I can’t resist peeking.
      Thank you!

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