thirty truths: 29

I said I didn’t care, that it was just a wedding, a couple kids getting married, what’s the big deal? All that money down the pan. Who cares about The Dress? The whole thing’s a little too ‘too’ for my taste. I said I wouldn’t watch.

The truth? Ah well… didn’t they look happy?
Balcony kiss still to come.
And much to my own bewilderment, I’ll be there.

2 thoughts on “thirty truths: 29

  1. So lovely. Hard to use the word ‘simple’, but despite the pomp, there was an elegance and grace that came from something more simple than pompous I thought. Something genuine about this pair. Refreshing. No small accomplishment in this family! Kate has shades of Diana, only better, more prepared for the insanity; I can’t see William throwing her to the wolves, or becoming jealous of her popularity, nor Kate allowing herself to be quite as manipulated as Diana was initially. This appears to be a team. Which is the part that intersts me most, this changing face of ‘royalty’ (all that snogging being an example; apparently Charles had to ask his mother for permission to kiss Diana; can you imagine?) Surely it’s a job that can be accomplished with a bit more heart than in past generations.

    Despite my aversion to the over-the-top marketing and news coverage for the past weeks/months, it was fun to be a small part of the ceremony and to see their lovely fresh energy. Maybe they’ll manage to set a kinder, brighter tone to things round the palace generally. And who knows what greater good might come of that; I’m a firm believer in the power of dominoes…

    And now for a cuppa. ;)

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