on today’s menu:

Cold asparagus soup with cream
Hot asparagus soup without cream
Pickled asparagus
Cold asparagus with chopped egg vinaigrette
Warm aspargus wrapped in prosciutto
Sauteed asparagus with grilled salmon
Grilled asparagus with anything
Asparagus tart
Raw asparagus spears in green salad
Open face asparagus sandwich on calabrese with thyme infused goat cheese
And the perennial favourite: asparagus and asparagus

Or… you can just have asparagus.
No spam.

6 thoughts on “on today’s menu:

  1. I had a neighbour once who lived in an old house. Former owners had planted asparagus all over the lawn. My friends didn’t like asparagus, so before they mowed the lawn, I’d be invited to pick it. I blanched it for the freezer and gave it to friends, and ate more asparagus that was probably sensible. But oh my how good it was!

    1. They sound like perfect neighbours!
      And blanching for freezer… where were you yesterday when I made two giant pots of soup for freezing (yes, in that heat); would have been smarter to blanch for ‘souping’ in cooler weather. Never thought of it. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Well that’s a new one. Raw asparagus or sauteed, steamed? (And what about you? Wait, don’t tell me. You like yours with lobster.) ;)

  2. The asparagus is cooked, steamed I believe.

    As for myself, I’m not a huge fan, although I like it well enough as a side. I think I’ve only had it steamed, so I’d be open to trying a sauteed version.

    I think I’d eat rusty nails and broken glass if it came with lobster.

  3. Well, mister lobster man, you’re definitely living on the right side of the country… The ones we get here are jet-lagged, confused and slightly depressed by the time they arrive. It affects the flavour, I’m sure.

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