deductions of an amateur naturalist

I’ve noticed that bees like wisteria.

And cornflowers.
 Ajuga too, especially at dusk.
And lupins and iris.
All of which makes me think…
Bees like purpley blue stuff.

(although I have no photographic proof, not that I didn’t try—flighty buggers, bees—so don’t strain your eyeballs, there’s no buzzing in those blooms.)

2 thoughts on “deductions of an amateur naturalist

    1. Do you remember that show, The Canadian Gardener? Somebody Tarrant, or something, who hosted it. He used to wax rhapsodic about blue gardens, his favourite. For me, I have no favourite, but certain times of year seem to be heavy on one shade or other. Right now, blues. In a month or so, it’ll be yellow. I like the idea of the “White Garden” a la Vita Sackville West. But really, my ultimate is the garden-that-wants-to-be. I’m past trying to control things…. :)

      Thanks for the green thumb compliment, but all my kudos go to the plants. I’m just the guy who waters them. (And unless there are drought conditions, I don’t even do that.)

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