things i saw

A man under a blue umbrella, walking in the not-quite-sunshine of early morning.

A woman, blonde, crossing the road with a cane.

Another woman, dark haired, staring at the device in her hand while behind her walks, skips, occasionally hops, a boy too blessedly young for a device, picking what appear to be invisible plums from the air.

An abandoned barbeque, hoping for a thief with gourmand tendencies.

2 thoughts on “things i saw

  1. Looks like the barbecue is trying to make a break for it, thumbing a ride by the side of the road, hoping to be picked up a family on their way to cottage country (or to be adopted by the imaginary plum boy?).

    1. Oh I hope it gets a cottage! (plum boy is too young to operate it and his mum possibly too obsessed with her e-world to be allowed near propane…)

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