steal away…

“Just one word more—please steal time every day, if you cannot find it any other way, to lie on the grass, or in a hammock, under a huge tree this lovely month… and relax. What a tonic this is for the soul. What a rest for weary nerves! Our husbands, children, friends—yes, and the nation—will profit by our relaxation. The greatest need today is for calmer homes, and no fireside can be calm unless its guardian is at peace with the world.” ~Nell B. Nichols, columnist for Woman’s Home Companion, summer 1924

2 thoughts on “steal away…

  1. Most wisdom is hard-won, earned through trials and tribulations. This, on the other hand, is wisdom gained through no effort at all except for being at peace with the world and its natural joys. Nice one, blog mistress.

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