if you’re looking for love…

…there is no better place than your local Humane Society.

Stopped by mine the other day to deliver a duvet cover for the duvet I dropped off last week. (After it suddenly occurred to me that a duvet minus a cover plus claws equals feathers everywhere.)  Fortunately we had an old one that would do nicely.

A few years ago the original shelter burned down, there were many casualties, horrific it was. After that they found temporary housing in a shoe box; I hear it was beyond awful. No real facilities, no space, no air-conditioning. At least one of those summers, as I recall, was deadly hot and humid. I have no doubt they did their best but it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Thank god a new place has finally been built. And it’s a dream. After just a couple of visits I’m as enchanted as it’s possible to be by it and by the good work these people do. And stunned at how they accomplish it with zero funding. ZERO.

Despite an average annual vet bill of $250,000, plus a long list of other expenses, they manage solely through donations, fund-raising, sponsors and a dedicated volunteer base who do everything from feeding to brushing to walking to cleaning litter boxes to scrubbing out carriers—
—and laundry. At the moment they get by with a small washing machine and dryer, which isn’t nearly enough for the amount they go through. Three laundry lines are set up out back to help out. They live in hope of one day having two industrial size machines.
And, it seems, they do it cheerfully. Very happy vibes inside these walls and that includes from the animals—as happy, anyway, as homeless waifs can be.

I’d like to think this is how all shelters will be built in future: cages only for the anti-social or newcomers or segregation for health reasons, otherwise the population lives and plays in large communal areas and, best of all, have free access to the great outdoors.
Despite the lovely vibes, leaving this place without a fluff-filled carrier or something on a leash is as hard as leaving any shelter, but here at least you can take some small consolation in knowing these beautiful faces are, for the most part, really and truly at the very best place possible, next to a loving home. 

That said, and no matter how you look at it… they’re still looking back…

4 thoughts on “if you’re looking for love…

    1. Yes, lovely as it is, I’m sure they sense this isn’t really home. Especially the pups. That face really got to me. Still thinking about him…

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