today’s great garbage idea

Best system I’ve ever seen (actually had more bins/categories than I’m showing). I get excited about well-organized garbage. Also about garbage well used. Like these beautiful duds made entirely from recycled pop bottles (amazing; stuff like this makes my heart sing).
And all this, in a teeny weeny grocery in teeny weeny Keremeos, B.C. All of which begs the question of how to make this level of ‘separation’ normal everywhere— and more clothing manufacture (etc.) from the takings… aka: Garbage for Good.

2 thoughts on “today’s great garbage idea

  1. This kind of separation of refuse is common on PEI (particularly at fast food places). It’s nice to see BC has the same system. Maybe the system will make its way from the country’s “fringes” toward the centre, where this habit would make a bigger impact.

  2. It may well exist here in places, but not common, and certainly not as fine-tuned as this. The best I’ve seen are the occasional ‘separator’ bins on the street (cans/plastic/general rubbish). Which are good, but feel more like a token gesture than an adopted system with serious markets. Can’t understand why recyclables aren’t gold; surely there’s a way to make money out of all this stuff…

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