since i was up anyway…


Lovely as it is to have this extra hour today, I kinda like dark mornings and lighter nights and wonder why we switch back and forth anyway.

Didn’t it have something to do, several thousand years ago, with an agricultural lifestyle — farmers and children needing to get up to feed livestock or walk twelve kilometres to school, every single one of them getting crankier by the day as they bumped into low slung beams and fell into wells until someone with a bit of clout said: I have an idea, let’s rearrange the daylight by mucking about with the clocks.

To which I say fine, but the world is less agrarian now and the lightbulb has been invented and everything. And furthermore, I prefer dark mornings and lighter evenings so I’m often tempted not to Fall Back… but one must conform in these things or one finds oneself missing many buses. Still, if anyone out there is taking a survey, would you please put me down for LET’S JUST PICK ONE TIME FOR PETE’S SAKE AND STICK WITH IT.

Until sanity prevails however… Happy Return to Bright Mornings!

6 thoughts on “since i was up anyway…

  1. Brighter mornings give me a reason to get up (although I don’t guarantee I won’t go back to bed if the mood strikes me). Also it means I don’t need a flashlight for the long trek along lane when I get the paper.

    Besides, I think your camera gave you the best reasons.

    1. Would be interesting to do a national survey. A kind of time-switching referendum. Maybe I’ll drop Stevie a note. ;)

  2. Gorgeous photos (as usual)!! I also prefer darker mornings and lighter evenings.

    But if you want time to stay in place, may I suggest you move to Saskatchewan?

    1. I’m so envious of those Saskachewanionians. It makes complete sense to just stick with Daylight Savings Time. And don’t think I haven’t considered moving… ;D I have a feeling it’s one of the country’s unsung gems.

      (Actually, very funny we’re talking about this as I just the other day bought Sharon Butala’s THE GIRL IN SASKATOON.)

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