there oughta be a law

Better yet, there oughta be a land where litterers live. A pretty little place with lakes and trees and green green hills knee deep in rusting cans—(three cups is not nearly enough)—plastic bottles, fast food containers, cigarette packs and newspapers. There should be no garbage service in this land, no trucks nor people employed to pick things up, put them where they should be. Because then one day with a bit of luck the hills would be obscured, the lakes choked with debris— and the plastic bags would be where the litterers like them: all a-flutter in the spring blossom’d boughs of trees.

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7 thoughts on “there oughta be a law

  1. Amen. O do not get me going on litter and illegal dumping in rural areas . the microwaves in ditches, the battery acid in streams, the violation — when the leaves come off the trees -that’s when we see how it does not get BETTER .. it takes a plan…. more to come

    1. I love your passion in this. Why isn’t everyone as riled up?? I’m always stunned when people pass by litter casually, as if they don’t notice it, or shrug as if to say “that’s just how things are”. They don’t have to be…

  2. A lot of Tim’s cups along the side of our road. But I recently saw an A&W paper cup in the ditch when I went for my walk. The disgusting part is that the nearest A&W is in Charlottetown, which means the litterer drove for a good 90 minutes before deciding to throw the thing out of his/her vehicle in our neighbourhood. Must be part of that Keep Charlottetown Clean campaign.

    1. I have a marketing idea for the big corps that would play on brand loyalty AND discourage people from littering with ‘their’ brand. Now then… to whom should I address my letter??

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