4 thoughts on “night lights

  1. Lovely photos. It’s a spectacular time of day for photography. You’ve caught the mood. I can feel the air quality. Strangely enough I was at my daughter’s house in the country today and photographed a bird’s nest that I hadn’t seen when the leaves were on the tree. I was reminded of it by the exposure of the squirrels’ nest in your photo.

    I think you and I are the type who never leave home without our cameras.

    1. I can’t stop looking at all the nests! There seem to be more than usual, veritable squirrel subdivisions in some of the older trees. Though I’ve never seen one entering or exiting…

      Nests of allsorts amaze me, how they ‘appear’ in the Fall, there all the time. And especially how the tiniest bird ones survive wind and rain and hail and snow. The creatures really have it all over us, don’t they? We’re dolts by comparison.


  2. Gorgeous! I love evening light; especially when the setting sun shines on pine trees and turns them that coppery red/gold colour…maybe it’s because I’m from Northern Saskatchewan and there were walls of pine/spruce/fir trees and it was so glorious to see.

    1. I really must get to Saskatchewan. I keep hearing the most wonderful things about sky and air… Someone I know once told me she was walking with her eight year old daughter across a wheat field late one summer night (they’re farmers) and out of the blue the girl said to her mum: “We really do live in a beautiful place, don’t we?”

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