things i saw

A little girl, maybe three years old in a puffy red paisley coat and checkered pants—fuchsia and green and purple—yellow boots and a pink floppy hat, rosy-cheeked and chattering, skipping alongside what might have been her grandmother, and I think how this beautiful ensemble, like kid art, can only be created before the opinions of all the wrong people begin to matter.

A homeless looking man with long greasy hair and enormous shaggy grey beard, dirty face, torn, greasy coat, sits on the floor of the library looking through a box of magazine discards; he pulls out all the Home and Garden, gets comfortable and flips through each one.

A guy in black lycra or something similar, running on the sidewalk in bare feet. True, it’s been unseasonably warm here and no one’s bare feet love sunshine more than mine but, at the very least… ouch.

2 thoughts on “things i saw

  1. Coming from someone whose gorgeously purpleicious (and other kinds of) ‘vision’ I admire, that means a lot. Thank you. :)

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