4 thoughts on “this weather’s a beach… and i like it

  1. Don’t you love being there at just the right time? These are great shots of lake/air effects. I can picture you all bundled up, ditching your mitts so you can fumble your frozen fingers on the shutter.

    Your amazing second to last picture shows a mackerel sky. When I was walking with my hubby today, I mentioned this to him because that mackerel sky was spanning thirty miles north of you. No comment. Some people just don’t appreciate being there at just the right time.

    1. Ditching my mitts is right. And fingers freezing in seconds. Bad words were said in the pursuit of these pics. ;)

      And mackerel sky… means a change in the weather, doesn’t it? Some call it a herring sky. (Oh you nature lover, you!)

    1. Over? If only. Supposed to be plus 5 again by mid-week! VERY bizarre weather. Truth is, now that I’ve finally had a taste of some real snow (I’m not being literal, here) I’d like it to stick around a while…

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