first flutter-by of the season

Not sure I’ve seen one of these before. Certainly not in March. No idea what kind it is. Behavioural clues: tendency to flap about rather absent-mindedly, nearly crashing into my head before settling (indicates possible bad eyesight?)…narcissistic attention to improving tan…unable to find a comfortable resting pose; ADHD??
…Eventually fluttering right on by without so much as a nod to the other insects.

Note: In my effort to make an identification I googled “clumsy, vain, hyperactive, short-sighted, anti-social, black and yellow flutterby with blue dots” and got a seamstress in Winnipeg named Ted…

10 thoughts on “first flutter-by of the season

    1. I swear you didn’t even cross my mind… ;)

      BTW, funniest thing I’ve read all day. Thx for the larff… still smiling.

  1. It’s a Camberwell Beauty… maybe stunned by the surprisingly warm temperatures, not used to being out and about in March. Or it’s a misfit. A butterfly klutz giving the lie to their reputed wafting grace. (I’m empathize with misfits.)

    1. How did you ever find it? Maybe you’re a butterfly expert? (I’m trying to imagine you running through the streets of Mtl with a net on a stick…) ;))

      Thank you so much. I’m thrilled to know its name. I googled it immediately of course and see it’s also known as “Mourning Cloak” or “Trauermantel” in German, which is thought to perhaps have been its original name.

      It seems May Swenson’s poem ‘Unconcious Came a Beauty’ is written about this little guy.

      What pleasure all this on a lovely spring evening! I can hardly wait to see my fluttery friend again. This time I’ll be less harsh in my judgment. Surely he was merely a misfit after all…

  2. A butterfly net in Mtl would definitely be a new fashion accessory, though I can’t imagine it starting a trend–unless it could double as a shopping bag or maybe an iPad net.

    I grew up in the country between Hamilton and Guelph with a mother who was an insect photographer. She didn’t use a net but collected pupae so she could film the emergence of butterflies and moths.

    The poem is intelligent and lovely!

    1. An iPad net. Now that’s an image I love. Might be hard to carry off with panache, but not impossible!

      And yes, I love how Swenson laid the piece out in the shape of a butterfly. So beautiful, even visually.

      p.s. lucky you with such a outdoorsy, arty mum; mine made socks. ;)

    1. Something’s weird about the comments/access recently. Sorry about the fuss n’ bother. No idea what temperamental something has changed…

      But thanks for loving the bug. Haven’t seen him since. It’s so early for these little guys; I hope the colder (16) temps haven’t done him in.

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