call it what it is

Dear Hudson’s Bay Company:

Your cosmetics brochures. Every month or so when they come out it’s the same thing: a striking, artistically rendered cover, showing the manipulated face of a woman (manipulation including use of, not only the products listed in the brochure, but lighting, air-brushing and computer magic—standard tricks to achieve the ‘effect’).

All of which is fine. However none of it equals beauty.

Beauty would be the un-manipulated face of the models.

But if this ‘artistic’ rendering is what you prefer, then at least consider that your title is inappropriate and misleading. A more realistic title might be, for instance, ‘Makeup’.

There are other suggestions of course, but I’m trying to be helpful.

While I understand that the subliminal message being sent is important for your bottom line, I feel it’s equally important not to further confuse real beauty with manipulated appearance—given how young women and girls, especially, are already confused about what beauty is. A company with your clout could go a long way to make things better in that regard and still achieve a living wage bottom line. Or you could make it worse and continue to be part of the problem.

Just a thought.

Your choice of course.


3 thoughts on “call it what it is

  1. You make a good point, but I think it would be lost on the marketing people. They need a name in which they can incorporate the B logo of their name. Judging by this photo, Bland springs to mind.

    1. I expect this to have zero effect on HBC for exactly the reason you suggest. Wouldn’t it be marvellous though if, by some wild miracle, they actually considered being unique insofar as corporations go and use their power for good? Even in a small way.

      Not unimportant though is to just get people thinking more about what they see and read and find before their eyes a thousand times a day in a million subliminal ways.

      That’s the larger goal of my mini crusade…

      1. Corporations, by nature, don’t lead. They cater to basest instincts in order to make a profit.

        I think your mini-crusade is right on target with getting people to think about the images that are spoon-fed to them. It’s those small inroads that pave the way for the greater changes.

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