10 thoughts on “today’s colour

  1. Very creative photo set, Carin. And in one of my favourite colour ranges! Oh those turquoises. I especially like the lines in the first and second photos … and the unexpectedness of the blue garbage bin against that background of blue bay and sailboat.

    1. The garbage bin and the sailboat was my favourite too. I love the sad irony… (you’ll notice the bin is tied down).

      Thanks for your comments, Allyson. Much appreciated!

    1. Thanks Susan. Was surprised how prominent this colour was on the island. Didn’t notice that the first time…

  2. My blue VW!!! (My father’s cast-off.) It was mine the first year that I went to McMaster and still lived in the country. It got me through snowdrifts, ice storms, spring flooding, a few stray dents and bumps. It deserves to be reincarnated in the tropics.
    I love your eye for angles, Carin.

    1. ps I should perhaps add that I no longer drive. I let my license lapse many years ago when I realized that it was only a question of time before I would cause a major accident.

    2. Yes, I’m sure it was yours — there was a large dent in the fender… ;)
      So glad I could reunite you two!

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