10 thoughts on “singles night in the garden

  1. Blue columbines! Would you send me seeds if I ask nicely? I would give them a good home–LOTS of appreciation and love.

    1. I would be happy to send you seeds! If I can catch them before they fall, that is. I’ll keep my eye on them…
      I also have wild/native columbines (orange and yellow); should I try and catch a few of those as well?

      1. Columbines are a favourite–all colours. That particular shade of blue lies close to my blue-eyed heart. I don’t know for a certain fact that they’ll take in a city backyard, but I’d love to try.

  2. It’s true that they tend to choose their places rather than grow where asked, but it’s certainly worth a blue-eyed try! I’ve already looked at them this morning; I was worried last night’s rain may have knocked off the last of what few blooms remain, but no, they’re still there!

    1. I tried columbines when we moved here 10 yrs ago. They were destroyed by white flies. Since then, we’ve cut back the ivy and the 12′ high lilacs, and the neighbour cut down her willow tree, so there isn’t as much shade–ie refuge for white flies. No worries. There’s still lots of shade because we have a maple and a sumac and the neighbour has a maple. It now looks more like a backyard. Friends used to call it a grotto. I’ve got a patch in the sun where I’d like to try columbines again. It’s a very tiny yard, right? A handkerchief yard.

      1. Handkerchief yard. I’ve never heard that expression. Postage stamp I’ve heard (I’m assuming handkerchief means small-ish). But you have a maple, and sumac! And soon columbines. What else is really necessary? ;)

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