little things (the big stuff always is)

“If you are like me, learning about bees will change your life. I’m not suggesting that you’ll drop everything and devote yourself to studying insects (though that is possible). What I have in mind is more subtle: a new alertness, a quickening of wonder. Little things that, in the past, have slipped by almost without notice will now demand that you stop and pay attention to them. The hum of wings: whose wings? An insect darting among the flowers: is it a bee or a beefly, a bumblebee or a wasp? What is it doing? Where is it headed? True, it may take you a bit longer to water the petunias or pick the beans, but in those few stolen minutes, you will have been on safari. Gradually, you will begin to sense that a garden is not just a bunch of plants set out in pots and rows: it is a world within a world, a half-tamed ecosystem, full of some of the most exotic and astonishing creatures on the planet.”

—from Bees: nature’s little wonders, by Candace Savage (Greystone Books, 2008)

6 thoughts on “little things (the big stuff always is)

    1. Thanks Diane. I actually watched this guy for ages. I mean AGES. In fact I began to think that he was a goner, that maybe the thistle was his final resting place. But then I guess I blinked or something and he’d flown off. Whew!! Tense times in insect land… :))

  1. Well done! A quickening of wonder…Ahh I like most anything attached to wonderment. The double-winged dragon fly is my favorite. Its transparent wings flit about while projecting a double buzz of excitement. Yet, my fascination begins with their naiad state. If one is lucky, watching them dance upon the water may conjure up a mythical sight.

    1. What magical word pictures you paint. I’ll be on the lookout for double wings and water ballet of a mythic sort…!

  2. I especially love the reminder that “…a garden is not just a bunch of plants set out in pots and rows.”

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