27 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. Thanks Allyson. It was taken at the Red Rooster Winery in Kelowna, who bought it after it attracted some negative attention and vandalism in its original location: a public space in Penticton. I love the idea of nudity AND ‘baggage’. The things we carry really can’t be seen…

      1. I have a friend who’s a photographer in Penticton, Allison Howard. I’ll have to direct her to your shot. She may know of it. Also … I know we’re supposed to be wordless here, but just curious — did the statue have a title?

        1. It’s “The Baggage Handler” by Michael Hermesh. Affectionately known as ‘Frank’ — the statue, not the sculptor! ;)
          Your friend will be familiar with it if she’s in Penticton. I’ll be curious to know what she thinks!

    1. Are you speechless, Steve, or just following wordless rules? ;)
      Or maybe you’re having breakfast… (if so, oops, sorry about that)

        1. I don’t know Steve, but I have to say, I thought his message was very clever. If he didn’t intend to be “wordless,” maybe he shouldn’t admit it. :)

          Just forwarded you a message from photographer Allison Howard, a friend from Penticton, about the whole sad story of the statue “Frank.”

          1. Oh I’m pretty sure Steve knew exactly what he wasn’t saying. He’s clever like that. ;)

          1. More of a klutz, Carin. I don’t see rules, I bump into them, sometimes I trip over them or break them, sometimes I swallow them.
            I thought wordless Wednesdays was a play on words.
            I love the statue, the installation, that you took a picture of it.

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