6 thoughts on “si(g)ns of punctuation

    1. I’d like to give a flip answer, but I get very serious about spelling.
      :| <— me, serious.
      But seriously, I agree with you, they should have someone making corrections, or at least driving about issuing tickets. That'd learn 'em.
      I mean, consider the influence public signs have on anyone new to English, or kidlets, or even people merely uncertain of what's right/wrong who assume Tattoo's and Piercing's know what they're talking about… (I mean 'what their talking about'; adding that just in case New's is reading)

    1. Fascinating, isn’t it? Though I understand leaving an apostrophe out much more than why anyone would go to the trouble of putting one in unnecessarily. I wonder what they think it means? I’m almost tempted to ask…

  1. Oh, these are gold, in a bad way! I get twitchy enough when people try to turn their last name plural with an apostrophe. No, you are not The Smith’s unless you are actually referring to the place of business of the blacksmith!

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