13 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Oh dear lordie, the density of the books, the all consuming books. I find this photo frightening, ha ha, as though those books come alive when the light is out and the door is shut! Love the thin corridor through the chaos of books!

    1. This book shop is owned by a woman, a lovely woman, who is a bit of a local character. She’s trillions of pounds large (I’ve never seen her walk, or even stand). Always perched in her seat behind a desk in this madly crowded place. And her attitude is such that she hardly notices there are any books at all in the vicinity, and when pointed out, she seems pleasantly surprised. She’s all charm and grace as if we’re all milling about the grandest of soirees. She loves to talk books, knows exactly what the shop contains (despite the fact that her size makes it impossible for her to get around) and can, to a shockingly accurate degree, direct you to whatever it is you’re looking for. Venturing into this place is — in the words of a local — one huge trip.

  2. I know I’m a goner when I find myself actually straining my eyes to read titles in this photo. :) LOVE used bookstores and the treasures they hold. I could spend hours here (to my husband’s frustration).

  3. This reminds me of a shop in Peterborough. You can hardly manoeuver through the aisles for all the teetering stacks and wobbling shelves. I love it. Wordless — but absolutely packed with words! This picture tells a LOT of stories.

    1. Wordless and wordy. Exactly my thoughts. And the recipe for the perfect book shop. Silence. And a dishevelment of stacks…

    1. Darcie, I know that bookstore! And I love it. Didn’t have time this visit (although I was in Penticton for a day). This one’s in Niagara. I was just chatting with someone tonight who’s getting rid of millions of books and offered myself as a willing receptacle for many of them — many of which are out of print gems that I’ve searched for in second hand shops…

    1. Cheryl, this place is on our list of ‘got to go to’ whenever in Niagara, but we have yet to allow enough time. Hours fly by. (And, BTW, you really could get lost… not that it’s big but so chaotic that you could easily hide behind any number of piles and no one would ever find you.)

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