12 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. Ah, yes, but traffic where?? (cue eerie space music…)
      I’m just happy the planes (if indeed they ‘were’ planes…) didn’t hit.

  1. This is an ominous one, Carin. The darkness, and all those cars with unseeable drivers (waiting?), and the contrails forming that huge X like a portent. I like the way the white line on the road draws the eye along the rows of cars and then up, where it’s echoed in the X.

    1. Yes, I like that the drivers are ‘unseeable’. Funny, I didn’t even notice the white line, but you’re right, there’s a connection to the contrails in it. It was taken en route to a Laura Smith concert at Hugh’s Room, so I associate it with that. And the joys of Friday night traffic. ;)

      1. Oops. I think I just blew the ‘ominous’ vibe. I like your version, Allyson. All those cars… waiting. Portents and darkness. (Still, no matter how I try, a Laura Smith soundtrack plays in the background…)

  2. What a haunting photo. It’s like a photo in a country at war. The light is magnificent, holy! And all this movement and yet not a sign of a person. Yup, I love the white line on the road and the lines in the sky. And that big ambient sky of quiet doom. I really do think the lighting in this, the twilight, and how the sky lingers over, sets the whole tone. Even without the creepy jet cross it would be ominous. Great capture.

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