8 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. I imagine a lovers’ tiff gone very badly wrong. Two people storming off in opposite directions. Keys lost in the kerfuffle. The rest is rusted history… (;

  1. Decay! At least for the trees, the leaves come back again in spring. The way the doors are open adds to the mystery of this shot. Good one!

    1. A friend of mine lives in the area where I took this shot. It’s never occurred to me before, but it would be interesting to see it surrounded by ‘life’ in the spring/summer. You’ve made me think. I might ask her to snap a few for me…

  2. I’ve seen abandoned cars before but this shot is unusual — the way the hood is askew and the doors are open. It looks almost animate. And it’s like the car is slowly drowning in leaves. You know it’s uncanny — I was thinking of posting a photo of an old car myself this Wordless Wednesday, but I’m glad I didn’t because yours is better. You have such an eye, Carin.

    1. I know. The doors and the hood. Very crazy. And it’s right in the middle of a thickly wooded area. Am assuming it was once a field that grew up around it over decades. Would so love to know the story behind this. Making one up just won’t do it for me!

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