questions [some more urgent than others]

The Miss, Mrs., Ms. thing?  So unfair. All those choices for women… and men have only Mr. —How then are the poor souls meant to indicate on various forms where it shouldn’t matter in the slightest, or in social settings where it’s also no one’s business…whether they are indeed single, married or merely ambiguous with an attitude?

And who came up with the idea of blowing on birthday cake then offering guests a slice? [Assuming this precedes the invention of flu?]

If recycling is so green why are recycling boxes blue?

And the Canadian Tire logo—why is that a triangle??

And is it just me or is CBC radio starting to get more than a little American-centric in its content? Am I just a worrier or might that be in preparation for the much-rumoured and possibly inevitable ads?

Which reminds me: whatever happened to the RoboCalls story? And why isn’t this a very, VERY, big deal?

—Have I missed anything?


5 thoughts on “questions [some more urgent than others]

    1. They call it Zee in the States. We, of course, correctly know it as Zed. As do the British. And they should know.
      But the question is a good one: why two pronounciations??

      [It also just happens to be my favourite letter. That and Kay.]

        1. Yes. I’ve heard it too. A terrible business. For that reason, I think it’s important to keep reminding ourselves that Zee is American. There are kids [older people too] that don’t know that. I know some of them. They watch American TV and the nuances in language, the differences, just seep into their wee heads and before they know it they’re saying Zee and omitting the U in colour and when you point it out they’re like deer in the headlights… completely befuddled. Zee Zed?? What’s the difference? they say.


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